Be Origin gin Be Origin gin
Vice & Vertu Distilleries
Noble spirit. Rebel soul.
There’s a dark side and a bright side in every one of us. Angel or demon? Give in to temptation or not? Because nothing is ever just black or white, our spirits walk a fine line between good and evil. Or vice versa.
Be Origin

New product

Crafted in the classic London Dry tradition, BeOrigin is the first product in the Vice & Vertu line, striking the perfect balance between New World creativity and Old World craftmanship

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The distillery

What’s the prescription when a doctor develops a love for the alchemy of fine spirits? It’s called Vice & Vertu! There’s nothing traditional about the spirits Franck Sergerie crafts in his Saint‑Augustin distillery. Is it chemistry or wizardry? However you label it, Vice & Vertu is the first distillery of its kind in Quebec City to make small-batch artisan gin.

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